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Desert Crossing Mall, Palm Desert, California


Outdoor lighting is tailored to the need. Do you have a security camera system? Are there alleys with neighbors involved? How late and how early does the system need to operate? These are concerns that can be met easily.

Outdoor lighting on a parking area can mean the difference between a safe or not-so-safe environment for your customers. Most cities now require a certain level of lighting to not only maintain public safety, but to make the bad guys visible to police. A well-lit lot is a sign to your customers that you want to ensure their safety.

Common Questions:

How many lights do I need?
Each system is designed to fit the need of the property and situation.

Can we have a decorative system that makes enough light?
Absolutely! We have access to many styles of decorative lighting to fit any style of architecture.

The City requires “Dark Sky” fixtures. Can you provide them?
Bieber Lighting supports the International Dark Skies Association. We have access to so many styles and types of outdoor lighting that will minimize light pollution.

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Salinas Auto Mall, Salinas, CA

Notice how lights in the car lot are directed downward to minimize night pollution to the nearby neighborhood

Edwards Ciminas, Ontario Mills Mall, Ontario, CA

Best Buy, Colorando Springs, Colorado.

A Special Note About Auto Dealer Lots

Outdoor lighting on a sales lot is probably one of the most important aspects of a successful dealership. Beautiful and unobtrusive by day, brilliant by night!

We have installed lighting systems above auto centers literally in every state in the country, including Pueto Rico and Guam! Above are but a few examples we photographed. We have also installed similar sales lot lighting in a few foreign countries.

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Desert Crossing Mall, Palm Desert, California
Left: Mislin Honda, Modesto, CA
Center: Keyes Motors, Van Nuys, CA
Right: Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta, CA
Edwards Ciminas, Ontario Mills Mall, Ontario, CA

"The Bieber Lighting systems that we’ve installed over the last 40 years have always put us into the state-of-the-art, and sales have always gone up." - Owner, Auto sales dealer, Glendale, CA.

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